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Summer Skin Care

For many, summer is the most favorite season of the year because of the warm weather, the long, sunny days and the endless holiday feeling. Protect yourself and your family sufficiently against the sun and be aware of the dangers of UV radiation.

Sun bathing

  • Avoid sun exposure between 12:00 and 16:00.
  • Apply sun protection before getting into the sun.
  • Reapply regularly to maintain protection, especially after swimming, after you have dried yourself or when you are sweating heavily.
  • Using a sun product is no argument for staying in the sun longer than is good for your skin type.
  • Too long, too regular or too intense sun exposure increases the risk of skin damage. Do not allow babies and young children to get directly into the sun or as little as possible.
  • Examine your skin regularly for skin abnormalities (especially for suspicious moles).

Give your skin sufficient attention even in the summer. What is important here?

1. Scrub

Regular scrubbing with a product that fits your skintype (see our advice for each product) is the best way to make the skin shine and to obtain and maintain a beautiful even-tan complexion. Moisturizing creams and after-suns can also better do their job.


Do you have sensitive skin, suffer from acne or couperose? Then try our Unique Peeling Gel. The Mud Peeling, Orange Peeling or Peeling Mask are very suitable for all other skin types. Don't forget to peel your lips!


Give extra attention to your feet, elbows and knees when you use a peeling. In the summer the soles of the feet often have a hard time. Walking barefoot and wearing open shoes ensure that the skin produces more calluses.


  • Do not go directly into the sun after scrubbing, as the skin will be extra sensitive.
  • Never scrub when your skin is burned; wait until the skin has calmed and healed. The Aloe Vera Gel cools and soothes the skin and is therefore an ideal after sun, even for the little ones.
  • In addition to a cream with SPF, always use a sun hat and sunglasses when you go in the sun and stay in the shade as much as possible.

2. Hydrate

  • Always use a moisturizing cream after showering and/or scrubbing to maintain the elasticity of your skin. If you do not hydrate the skin sufficiently, it may dry out and feel tight and itchy. Use a day cream with SPF-20 on your face, neck and décolleté every morning so that your skin is sufficiently protected.
  • Use lighter water-based creams and multi-functional makeup products such as the BB cream that works hydrating, camouflaging and protective at the same time. Moreover, it is not true that you no longer tan when using a cream with SPF! Even if you use a product with a protection factor you will turn brown, it will only take a little longer and you will have a lesser chance of being burned. You do not necessarily have to go for a product with SPF 50. With a factor of 30 you are already 97% protected. The added value of a factor of 50 is therefore only small.
  • Also do not forget to use an oil-absorbing Mud Mask every week to keep your skin in balance.
  • Use a rich, non-greasy night cream with active ingredients such as glycerin or shea butter that help hydrate and retain moisture. Many night creams also work to prevent wrinkles.



  • Cleanse your skin thoroughly every evening with a product that matches your skin type and pat it in the morning with tonic.
  • Drink plenty of water. Beautiful skin starts from the inside; Drinking enough water helps you hydrate your skin. A quantity of 2-2.5 liters of water per day is recommended by beauticians and health experts.
  • Eat healthy. The skin is the largest organ of the body and is affected by what you eat. Therefore eat varied and fresh. Various types of fresh fruit and vegetables contain many different antioxidants that protect the skin so that it can shine!

3. Hair Care

Always rinse sand and sea water well and wash your hair twice with a mild shampoo. Then always use a nourishing Hair Mask or Conditioner to protect your hair, make it easier to comb and prevent static hair.



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