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Eye Contour Care

Eye Contour Care

The delicate skin around our eyes is one of the first areas to show signs of aging. The skin is much thinner in the eye contour area and therefore often more sensitive than that of the rest of the face.
Eye Contour Care

The skin around the eyes is the area where skin aging becomes visible first. Here the skin is much thinner and therefore often more sensitive than that of the rest of the face. Because the skin is thinner at the eye contours and we use our eyes for expression, wrinkles and fine lines appear much faster in comparison with the rest of our skin. In addition, no sebaceous glands are present under the eyes, so that the skin is always slightly drier than the rest of the face. 


Eye Contour Care is 'fuller'

Because the skin around the eyes is often somewhat drier, it needs an oilier treatment than the rest of the face. Even with people who have a mixed to oily skin, this is the case. 


Eye Contour Care reduces the appearance of fine lines

Eye Contour Care contains natural 'fillers' with which the skin around the eyes is filled up and smoothed out, as it were. This reduces the appearance of fine lines. The effect is similar to applying a make-up primer that temporarily smoothes and smoothens the skin so that it is a perfect canvas for the rest of your make-up. In addition, Eye Contour Care also contains light-reflecting particles that reflect the light, giving your eye image a fresher look and making dark circles less noticeable.  


Eye Contour Care has been specially developed for sensitive skin

Because the skin around the eyes is thinner and therefore also more delicate, it is also more sensitive to higher concentrations of active substances. Eye Contour Care therefore contains lower concentrations of active substances so that the chance of a skin reaction is minimal. Eye Contour Care contains specific active ingredients to combat dark circles, fine lines and 'puffy eyes'.  


Protection from the sun

To prevent skin aging, the skin must always be protected from the sun. This certainly applies to the skin around the eyes. Our Eye Cream therefore contains an SPF-20. 


Our advice for best results

We have an Eye Serum, an Eye Cream and an Eye Gel to choose from. Our advice for best results when you suffer from dark circles, fine lines and/or swollen and irritated skin around the eyes:

In the morning and in the evening:

Apply the Eye Serum to the cleansed skin, allow it to absorb, then apply the Eye Cream. 

When you suffer from fine lines around the eyes, the Eye Gel is recommended. The hyaluronic acid and caviar extract have a strong anti-wrinkle effect. The gel is easy to apply.

With a specific eye care you can start from the age of 25 years. 


Tips for applying your eye care:

  1. Take a drop of eye cream/serum/gel, about the size of a grain of rice.
  2. Divide this over two ring fingers.
  3. Only use your ring finger when applying your eye care, because this is the finger with the 'softest touch' and will place the slightest pressure on the skin.
  4. Apply the eye care to the edge of the eye socket, top and bottom (the 'hard' part). Use tapping movements.
  5. Avoid the skin just under the eyes, near the lashes; it is extra delicate and cream/serum/gel can cause irritation.
  6. Always apply the product from the inside out.


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